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Why You’re Procrastinating To Declutter – Episode 035

Why You’re Procrastinating To Declutter
Physical clutter can be incredibly overwhelming.

Clutter on bench tops prevents you from getting full functionality out of your furniture. Clutter in your wardrobe creates too many decisions for you to make about what you’re going to wear. And clutter in your spare room represents a long list of to-dos you need to deal with.

If we objectively understand that clutter is stealing some of our overall happiness and clarity, why do many of us struggle to take action to remove clutter from our lives?

Decluttering, while admirable, struggles to make it to the top of our priorities. Even though we know the impact of it will completely change the way we feel.

In this episode, we break down why most people struggle to get traction when it comes to decluttering and offer some tips on how you can move forward.

“Clutter feels like you only need a fraction of what you have. Your environment feels excessive.”

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35+ Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Brands To Support in 2019

Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Brands
Have you been looking for ethical and sustainable clothing brands but have struggled because you know you’d have to spend hours upon hours doing the research yourself? We feel your pain. This is how this wonderful post came about.

A few years ago we shared an insightful Q & A with Joshua Katcher from The Discerning Brute. He shared his views and research on human rights and animal cruelty as it relates to the fashion industry. Since that post, TMV readers were keen to take action and find ethical fashion stores that they could support.

Having awareness of what’s really going on behind the scenes is always a good first step. However, we know when we first discovered the truth, we felt overwhelmed with what to do next.

Here are some of the questions we’ve asked

Where do we shop? How can we trust the brands? Do the clothes perform and match our style? What does a sustainable textile look like? 

When you start asking these questions, you quickly realise just how hard it is to find stores and brands that you can trust. You might find a great fair-trade fashion store that sells gorgeous garments, but all of their items are leather.

Conversely, you may come across an amazing vegan store but their products aren’t fair-trade or just plain daggy.

So are you ready for a highly-curated list of ethical and sustainable clothing brands you can trust?

Well, we can say with 100% confidence that you’re in the right place!

Why are we so confident?

  1. This is the 3rd iteration of this post over the last three years. Each time we update it, we find better brands. This version is a complete revamp.
  2. In a past life, we ran an online store where it was our job to source products that ticked all our ethical boxes, including sustainability, cruelty-free/vegan, fair-trade, and organic where possible.
  3. Historically, we desperately wanted to find brands that met our criteria, regardless of style. Even though fashion is subjective, we’ve done our best to focus more on performance and quality. For example, we’d want you to be happy with the vegan leather boots you just bought. Not only accepting something that is comparatively less quality than the alternatives because you’re trying to be a mindful consumer. We know this feeling of disappointment all too well.

Although we’re vegan, not every brand listed is 100% vegan

As we’re prioritising performance at the same level as the sustainability and ethics, it means some brands we recommend may not have a product line that is 100% vegan.

This was a tough decision for us, but we recognise that when you’re shopping for ethical and sustainable clothing, you’re generally focused on one item at a time.

For example, we found some AMAZING brands that tick all of the boxes for organic sweaters. However, they also have sweaters made of wool.

If we were shopping for ourselves, we would still buy their vegan-friendly products despite them not ticking all of the boxes across their whole product line. So it’s only fair that we create the same experience for you.

Sustainable and ethical brands

This post may contain affiliate links, for which we earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Read our full disclosure here.

An easy-to-use list of ethical and sustainable clothing brands

What you’ll find for each brand is a list of three different categories. They will fall either under clothing, shoes or accessories. Some will overlap with a combination of all three depending on what they sell. 

Our vision for this post is to help you find go-to brands you can trust. And maybe we can start pushing conventional retailers to consider reaching out to these brands to stock their products, bringing them to the masses.

The global fashion market is valued at over 3 trillion dollars. How we choose to spend money on fashion can have an incredibly massive impact on this market.

Without further ado, here’s our updated list of ethical and sustainable fashion brands to help you live more consciously.

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MUD Jeans
</div> <h2 class="mv-list-single-title"><span>MUD Jeans</span></h2> </div> </div>
MUD Jeans is not just another jeans brand. They're on a mission to create a circular economy within their supply chain.

This is why they also offer the option of Lease a Jeans to make sure that they stay the owners of the raw materials and customers give them back after use for recycling and being created into a brand new pair!

They're very transparent about their factories and how the jeans are made, giving their customer more of a reason to support them. They do sell brand new jeans as well as some other basics that are made from recycled materials.

Product range: Women and men's denim jeans and a small range of jackets.

Where products are made: Tunisia.

Price: Medium to high.

Ordering: Based in the Netherlands and ship worldwide.

Visit Website